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Air Team
1947 - 1990

The Air Element, USMLM, euphemistically referred to as the Air Team was comprised of USAF personnel performing in similar capacities and functions to Ground and NavRep sections including Liaison Officers, "Tour" NCOs, and support staff.  Since USMLM was not a Joint unit, Air Team personnel were actually administratively assigned to specified USAFE numbered units and operationally attached to USMLM.

Lynn M. Hansen (USMLM) and Jean-Paul Huet (MMFL, Air Brig-Gen, Ret)
visit a Czech air base (early 70s).  Czech AF MiG-21 in background.
Courtesy Bill Burhans
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Official US Air Force 7452 Special Activities Squadron (Air Team) patch designed
by MSgt Chuck Barry  late 80s.
The only unit/patch in USAF to include
"Peace Through Liaison"
as its motto

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A Cold Night in Erfurt

Click on title to read about the Soviet shootdown of a USAF T-39 trainer aircraft in 1964 and the USMLM effort to locate and recover the crew remains.  Story recounted by Wolfgang Preisler.


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