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In memory of the 100 killed at the Berlin Wall and many more arrested attempting to flee East Germany...Lest we forget.

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The Berlin Wall

August 13, 1961 - November 9, 1989

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May 1989 - About two hundred yards to the right of Checkpoint Charlie.
Photo courtesy CPT Ray Starmann
205th MI Brigade/V Corps
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Postcard from Berlin comparing 1989, before collapse of Wall, to 1999.

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Freedom's Grasp
A piece of the Wall taken by one of the USMLM members in Nov. 1989.  A 1989 vintage East German (GDR), aluminum, and a West German (FRG) coin adorn the piece of the Wall.
Photo & concept by Julio Sanchez
All rights reserved
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West Berlin was encircled by an East German constructed system of barriers and barricades stretching 166 kilometers, of which the infamous Wall comprised 107 km.  Official destruction of the Wall began on June 13, 1990.  It took almost a year to tear down the Wall, and some remnants still remain.  Here is a view from the American Sector of Berlin looking onto East Germany in the summer of 1990.  A now famous Trabant, or Trabby, an East German two-stroke, plastic auto heads back to Eastern Germany.
Photo courtesy Luis Aleman
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All photos this section courtesy CPT Ray Starmann
205th MI Brigade/V Corps

Memorial for those killed at the wall- behind the Reichstag, W. Berlin

Vopos at Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Bravo

Guard tower across the Wall-near Kreuzberg

Spring 1990-the wall demolished

Sign at Checkpoint Charlie
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