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Glienicker Bridge

Glienicker Brücke

"Freedom Bridge"

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Glienicker Bridge (Freedom Bridge) crossed daily by members of the Liaison Missions, including the USMLM.  West Berlin is to the bottom left, and Potsdam, East Germany, upper right.  The bridge was the site of several prominent crossings, including freedom for Anatoly Sharanski and Francis Gary Powers.  The bridge has been incorrectly referred to in the media as a border crossing point.  The US, UK, and France did not recognize these as borders, and adhered to the Four Powers Act.  The upper left guard house was the Soviet sector control point.  The East Germans manned the guard house across from the Soviet shack.  We did not recognize or interact with the East German guards at this checkpoint.  Unlike the Soviet checkpoint, the West Berlin-side checkpoint was not blocked, and anyone could cross into West Berlin freely, thus the nickname "Freedom Bridge".

USMLM Tour Team video of drive through Potsdam, GDR, and Glienicker "Freedom Bridge" to West Berlin. Circa 1967-69.  This video is 8 megabytes.  Click image to download video to your PC. Video Courtesy Dave "Crash" Paulson.

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