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USMLM Tour Team video of drive through Potsdam, GDR, and Glienicker "Freedom Bridge" to West Berlin. Circa 1967-69.  This video is 8 megabytes.  Click image to download video to your PC. Video Courtesy Dave "Crash" Paulson.

Chief of Mission, Colonel Paul Skowronek, occasionally traveled around East Germany in his personal Corvette Stingray (with Mission plates) drawing inquisitive attention from East Germans and Soviets alike.
Personal Photo Albums
Jim Antoniono's Photo Album
Colonel Emery E. Bellonby, Chief, USMLM 1955-58
Bill Burhans' Photo Albums
Potsdam & Berlin

G. Farris Photo Albums
Berlin Checkpoint Bravo (Dreilinden)
Berlin Checkpoint Charlie
Berliner S-Bahn-Museum at S-Bahnhof Griebnitzsee Potsdam, Germany
Marienfelde, West Berlin
German-American Volksfest Berlin 2001

Paul Nikulla Photo album circa 1967-1971 East Germany
Dave "Crash" Paulson Photo album circa 1967-1969 East Germany and West Berlin/East Berlin
Dave Album I
Dave Album II
Dave Albun III

Mel Rat'z Photo Album

Gen. Alexander Haig receives Mission Restriction Sign from SGM Bill Corbett

Honorable James Byrnes visits USMLM '59/'60

East German Police (Volkspolizei aka Vopo) hot on the "tail"...What? Is the driver covering his face?
Camera shy? Just when you thought it was safe.
photo courtesy Dave "Crash" Paulson

East German postcard showing some of attendees at the 1945 Conference at Cecilienhof including James Byrnes (3rd from left), President Harry S. Truman (5th from left) and the USSR's Joseph Stalin shaking Truman's hand.

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