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U.S. Military Liaison Mission (USMLM)
Deactivation 1 October 1990

The US Military Liaison Mission was established on 7 April 1947, subsequent to the signing of the US/Soviet Huebner-Malinin Agreement in March 1947.  The unit took down its colors on October 1, 1990, in Potsdam, Germany, as directed by the JCS in Headquarters USAREUR Permanent Orders 132-13, dated 21 Sept 90, and as a consequence of the end of the Cold War.  Various Allied luminaries and media, including CNN, attended the unit closure ceremony.  A Joint Meritorius Unit Award (JMUA), 1st oak leave cluster, was bestowed on the unit.

Key ceremony attendees:


  • LTG Shalikashvili, DCINC USAREUR
  • LTG Reese, USAFE
  • MG Burleson, USAREUR
  • MG Pfister, USAREUR
  • MG O'Lear, USAFE
  • MG Haddock, USCOB
  • BG Lajoie, Director, OSIA
  • BG Schachnow, Berlin BDE Cdr
  • Gen-Lt Kuznetsov, C/S, Western Group of Forces (WGF)
  • Gen-Maj Konovalenko, WGF
  • Gen-Maj Urmanoff, WGF
  • Gen-Maj Alexandrov, SMLM-Frankfurt

Other Allies
  • Chief, British Mission (BRIXMIS)
  • Chief, French Military Liaison Mission (FMLM)
  • Chief, Soviet External Relations Branch (SERB)
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