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Honorable James Francis Byrnes
Visits USMLM

Circa 1959 or 1960

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Photograph of the Honorable James Francis Byrnes taken at the USMLM Potsdam House in about 1959 or early 1960.  Chief of USMLM Colonel Robert McQuail and Deputy Chief  Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Clarke Baldwin brought Mr. Byrnes to the House.  LTC Baldwin took Mr. Byrnes for a nostalgic visit to Cecilienhof Castle afterward.  Byrnes had been with President Truman at the Allied leaders Conference at that Potsdam site in 1945. 

Byrnes was one of the few who had served in key roles in all three of the USA branches of government. He was a Senator from South Carolina from 1931-1941; an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court in 1941-1942; and Secretary of State under President Truman from 1945-1947.



1945 Conference at Cecilienhof

East German postcard showing some of attendees at the 1945 Conference at Cecilienhof including Byrnes (3rd from left), President Harry S. Truman (5th from left) and the USSR's Joseph Stalin shaking Truman's hand. 

Source:  John Pendergast, USMLM Air Team, 1959-1961.

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