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Read about the Allied Military Liaison Missions at the Parallel History Project (PHP).  Author and historian Christopher Winkler and his colleagues Anna Locher and Christian Nuenlist spent several years culling through original documents and interviewing key personnel here in the U.S. and Europe to produce one of the best historical exposes on the Missions thus far.  Includes significant newly released official documents, references, book reviews and analysis.  While there, also read Lieutenant General William E. Odoms (retired) introductory commentary on the Allied Military Liaison Missions, 1946-1990, at PHP.

Thank you Chris Winkler for the years of extensive scholarly work you dedicated to the Allied Military Liaison Missions project.

Lt. Gen. Odom served in the USMLM from July 1964 to July 1966 and was the United States Army Assistant, Chief of Staff for Intelligence, 1981-85; and Director of the National Security Agency, 1985-1988.  Read Lt.Gen. Odom's biography at the Hudson Institute.  While Lt. Gen. Odom is not connected with the U.S. Military Liaison Mission Association or this web site, he was one of the first individuals to encourage us to publish a web site on the USMLM.

Disclaimer:   PHP and the Hudson Institute are not connected with the USMLM Association or this website.  Links to PHP and the Hudson Institute are external to this site and offered without endorsement for educational purposes and in promoting the history of the U.S. Military Liaison Mission.  




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