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US/Soviet Huebner-Malinin Agreement

March 1947

SUMMARY:  The basis for the existence of the USMLM is the Huebner-Malinin Agreement.  The agreement was signed in March 1947 by Lieutenant General C. R. Huebner, Deputy Commander in Chief, US European Command (EUCOM), and Colonel-General Malinin, Deputy Commander in Chief and Chief of Staff, Group of Soviet Occupation Forces, Germany.  The agreement established a Soviet Military Liaison Mission (SMLM) located in Frankfurt/Main, West Germany; and the USMLM accredited to CINC GSFG and located in Potsdam, East Germany.  Terms of the agreement authorize each Mission to have 14 accredited members without regard to service or grade, guarantee the right of free travel for accredited members throughout the zone without escort "except places of disposition of military units", permit the Mission to render aid and protect the interests of "people of their own country" in the zone, grant the right of extraterritoriality of the Mission buildings, and require each signatory to provide the other with necessary quarters, rations, POL supplies and household services as needed.

The unit took down its colors on  October 1, 1990, in Potsdam, Germany, as directed by the  JCS as a consequence of the  end of the Cold War. 

The British were the first to sign an agreement with the Soviets (see  ).

The French subsequently signed their own agreement with the Soviets.

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