USMLM Photographs & Video Wanted

Submission guidelines:

We accept photographs in any form, black & white, color, negatives, positives, etc.  We prefer some form of description of the subject including dates if possible.  If not known, we'll still accept the photographs.

It is preferable to have multiple photographs of the same type of subject, for example photographs of a Mission vehicle from different angles and in different operational environments.

We protect individual privacy.  Before posting on the web, we try to ensure that all personnel on the photographs are willing to have their picture posted on the web, unless the photograph has already appeared on public records and predates statutes or the member is deceased.  No personal identifying data is posted on the web except to the extent that the individual has requested such data be posted within the scope and limitations of the purpose, i.e. service dates, e-mail address, etc.  See our Privacy Policy.

Please contact us before sending photographs via e-mail or to arrange postal or other means of delivery.

When using postal service, always use registered mail to protect against loss or mis-delivery.

Image Format:  If scanning images, we prefer JPEG format with compression not to exceed 80% of original size. These images will still be relatively large and of sufficient quality for the web.

When e-mailing multiple photographs, please divide the attachments among separate emails.  It is easier and less of a burden on the mail transports to send multiple emails with 2 or 3 photographs than sending one email with fifteen photographs.  If you exceed the mail server limitation for your service provider (i.e. AOL, etc.) because the email is too large the message will be rejected or hang up at your end.

We need your help!!  We still have a lot of gaps in creating a photographic history of the US Military Liaison Mission...

We need photographs of....

USMLM vehicles

People & Mission personnel profiles

Liaison functions

Places and activities


Reflections on life in East Germany

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