USMLM Membership Prerequisites.

All military and civilian service of an Association member must be or have been honorable and is subject to review by and approval of the Board of Directors. Any misleading or false information constitutes grounds for immediate disqualification of membership, with forfeiture of any paid membership fees.

I hereby apply for membership in the United States Military Liaison Mission (USMLM) Association and voluntarily provide the following information (where applicable):

1. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial):      ____________________________________

2. Affiliation (US, BRIXMIS, FMLM, DDR, SERB, etc): ______________

3. Service (Army, Air Force, etc): ________________________________

4 Years of service at/with USMLM: 19________to 19_____________

5. Position at USMLM: ___________________________

6. Rank/Grade: __________________________________

7. Current Address: ___________________________________________

8. Current Phone: ________________________________

9. Current Email Address:____________________________

10. Class of Membership requested:

A.                            REGULAR MEMBERSHIP. Regular membership in the Association shall be restricted to US military veterans and US Government civilian employees, who were members of USMLM.The annual regular membership fee is $15.00. 

B.                            AFFILIATE MEMBER. An individual who can demonstrate an affiliation of any kind with USMLM is eligible to become an AFFILIATE MEMBER. The annual affiliate membership fee is $15.00. Restrictions apply (See footnote).

C.                            HONORARY MEMBERS. The Board of Directors may select prominent individuals for consideration as honorary members of the Association. There is no membership fee and voting restrictions apply (See footnote). 

D.                            RESERVE MEMBERS. Spouses of living or deceased members or related to regular members within two degrees of kinship (grandparent, brother, sister, grandchild) are eligible to become RESERVE MEMBERS. (See VI, Section 5). 

E.                             LIFE MEMBERS. Any regular USMLM Association member in good standing may become a Life Member by applying for this status and paying the appropriate fee the Board of Directors approved.

ATTAINED AGE                                   LIFE MEMBERSHIP FEES

Through age 30                                                   $300.00

31-40 year of age                                                $275.00

41-50                                                                  $250.00

51-60                                                                  $200.00

61-70                                                                  $150.00

                                 71-80                                                                  $125.00

81+                                                                     $75.00


Any applicant whose 31st, 41st, 51st, 61st, 71st or 81st birthday shall occur after the date of application and on or before May 31st of the current year shall pay only that fee that would be required on his or her next birthday.

A Life Member shall not be subject to further membership dues or levies of any kind and shall have all benefits and privileges of the USMLM Association. However a Life Member who may subsequently be found ineligible shall be entitled to a proportionate refund of the life membership paid. Life Membership fees of $250.00 or more may be paid in three consecutive monthly installments. Fees of$150.00 to $249.00 may be paid in two consecutive monthly installments.

              All USMLM Association members who reside outside the United States, its possessions, and its territories and who do not have an APO mailing address are required to pay an additional annual fee of Six Dollars ($6.00) to cover postage costs.

Print out, fill out and send the application with the dues to Larry Schwab, USMLM Association  Treasurer, 1810 West Stella Lane, Phoenix AZ 85015.

Send us an email to letting us know you have or plan to join. 

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