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Potsdam House
(Prussian Princess Sigismund Mansion) Photos

The Former USMLM Potsdam Compound
Am Lehnitzsee 2
14476 Neu Fahrland (Potsdam)

USMLM deactivation ceremony Oct. '90

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May 2006:  According to a German directory checked on May 18, 2006, there is a Kindergarten (tel. 033208/50475) at the Potsdam House.  (Webmaster)

July 2004:  The Potsdam was sold in June 2004 to a a German businessman from Hamburg for use as his "Summer Home." I was allowed access in July 2004, two weeks before an extensive renovation was to start.  (R. Olsen.)

June 2002:   The house was returned to the Hohenzollern royal family earlier this year after a court battle.   (C. Krutz)

Sept 2000:  It appears the Potsdam House is now the home of a Jewish Community Center. Click on the Sept. 2000 button for pictures.  (Lee Cross)

Dec 1999:  HOUSE FIRE: Rumors that the Potsdam House burned down on Sep. 25, 1999 are incorrect.  The villa that burned down was the Truman-Villa, aka "the Little White House" at Karl-Marx-Straße 2 am Griebnitzsee in Potsdam-Babelsberg, not our Potsdam House at Am Lehnitzsee 2.  Click on the Dec. 31st, 1999 button to see the Potsdam house.

Sept 1999:  The occupants of the USMLM house prior to Sep 1999 were the Brandenburg State Industrial Development Organization.  They moved out in September and the house was put up for public sale.  The inside of the house was completely overhauled by the the Brandenburg group, however nothing was done to the outside.  The outside needs extensive work. (C. Krutz)

Oct 1998:  The former USMLM Potsdam house is currently owned by the Brandenburg Development Company.  External deterioration is apparent.  Click on the OCT 98 button for pictures.  (C. Stiles)


Aerial view of Potsdam USMLM Mission House
Courtesy LtCol Burhans
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