USMLM Association

Privacy Policy version 1.2

The USMLM Association will not publish member's names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses on our web pages or other publicly accessible documents without the explicit consent of the individual.  The Association may relay requests for contact to members being sought by third parties.

Names of authors and credits will be cited where applicable using standard reference and copyright conventions.

Individuals providing documents and photographs for inclusion on our web pages must also provide explicit authority to include their name under credits.

Photographs of individuals will not be included on our web pages unless we have explicit written consent from the individual except where the individual is deceased.

Under no circumstance will personal sensitive data, including date of birth, SSAN, etc., ever be published on our web pages, even in the "Member Private Area".  The exception to this policy is in death notices where such information is a matter of public record and the family consents to the release of such information.

The USMLM Association and its officers are not liable for the actions of individuals violating this policy.

We encourage members to use digital signatures and encryption for authentication of their e-mails to other members and the Association.  Write the for more information on implementing security controls.

The USMLM Association web pages are monitored and audited.  The Association reserves the right to block masked addresses.

Misrepresentation, false identification for purposes of joining the Association or misleading members, or the public on behalf of the Association, will be reported to the applicable authorities (Ref US Code : Title 39, Section 3003, US Code : Title 22, Chapter 11, and others pertaining to fraud and misrepresentation.)  Read more at We have been very succesful in having individual accounts terminated by their ISPs.

All material published on our web pages is copyrighted and considered the property of the USMLM Association and the original source.  Materials on our web pages may be cited and used under the fair use policy of the Copyright Law.  Credits must be included in any such use.  For an explanation of US and international copyright laws visit and

Members of the media or public seeking information about the USMLM, other than what is provided on our web pages, must direct their queries to the  .  Certain requests will be redirected to the DoD Public Affairs office.

Anyone suspecting a violation of this privacy policy are encouraged to contact the immediately.

This policy is subject to review.  Send your comments/suggestions to the