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BRIXMIS Reunion 2000
Six USMLM members and their spouses attended the BRIXMIS Millennium reunion in London, 16-17 September 2000.  Attendance included sixty-eight BRIXMIS, three FMLM, and three SERB members and many spouses.   In addition to renewing friendships (see pictures courtesy Bill Burhans, below) and retelling old lies, highlights of the reunion included a ride on the Thames river in WW-II "DUKS", the BRIXMIS Millennium luncheon and a preview, in the British Academy of Film and Television Arts theater, of the BRIXMIS TV series produced by the BBC.

The luncheon was hosted by members of the BRIXMIS Association, including the President, Colonel AH Southwood, MBE, Chairman Group Captain RD Bates, AFC, and Vice-President Major GH Greaves. Lunch was followed by toasts to The Queen , heads of represented delegations and our comrades who have passed on to more heavenly tours.

Comments by Group Captain Bates were responded to by Lieutenant Colonel Dmitri Trenin, formerly of SERB, now with The Carnegie Foundation in Moscow.

The atmosphere was comfortable, yet serious, at times humorous, as old allies and adversaries joined together to remember those not present and be thankful that we all survived.

The reunion with our British and French allies underscored what a priviledge and honor it was to serve in one of the most distinguished and unique United States military organizations to ever exit. BRIXMIS extends it most hearty hello to USMLM and hopes more of us will attend their future reunions.

Tom Spencer, USMLM Ground Tour and Larkspur Officer, 1973-76.
"Clear Right!"

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London Bridge and Tower

Big Ben and Parliament

Frog Tours DUKW

Frog Tours DUKW

Depries and Burhans

Dmitriy Trenin

Fred Manzo, Depries, and LaVerta Burhans

Two Brix and Jean Prautois

Roy Giles, LaVerta, and Geoff Greaves

Tom Spencer and Allyson Greaves
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All photos courtesy Bill Burhans.
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