Feb. 10th, 2007



Order your USMLM memorabilia

LICENSE PLATE COPY: Design 3 regular plate size; Price $16 plus S&H.

USMLM License Plate

Mouse Pad


With Design 2, 3 or 4; Price $12 plus S&H.


CAPS: Embroidered in design 1 or 2; Price $15 plus S&H. 

Coffee Mugs

Design 1, 2, 3, or 4; Price $12 plus S&H.



Embroidered in Design 1 or 2 on left chest; Price $32 plus S&H

Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL.



Coming soon!
If you can't wait, contact Jack Vink directly (see below)


Order the above items direct and prepay from:
Mr. Jack Vink
Tel. (910) 392-5918
214 Northbrook Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28405

Shipping & Handling: One item is $5.00, Two is $7.00, Three or more is $8.00.


Don't overlook the BRIXMIS shop also offers Mission memorabilia
(not connected with the above supplier)

Tri-Mission Tie

From the BRIXMIS shop on their web site also offers Mission memorabilia including the famous tri-mission tie on the right.  All Mission gents should sport this tie of brotherhood. This tie is only available from the BRIXMIS site.

The USMLM Association is not connected with the sales of any item on this page nor does the Association earn any money or residuals on the sales.  References to Mr. Vink's services are provided as a service to the members.  Mr. Vink has provided reliable services and good quality products to the members in the past.  Please do not send orders to the USMLM Association.
If you experience problems with your order, do contact Mr. Vink directly and info us.

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