The Soviets

in East Germany

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Group of Soviet Occupation Forces [GSOFG], 1945-49; Group of Soviet Forces Germany (GSFG), 1949-80s; Western Group of Forces (WGF), late 80s/90s
US-Russians meeting at Torgau
WWII:  U.S. and Russian forces
 meet at Torgau, Germany,  Apr. 25, 1945.  The Russians waste no time in converting a Nazi prison in Torgau into a Soviet political prison.
Soviet military propaganda
The Great War (WWII) theme permeated Soviet troop indoctrination
Soviet traffic regulators
Soviet traffic regulators "TRs"
(Courtesy Paul Nikulla)
Russian 1950s vehicles
Russian vehicle 1950s
(Courtesy George Zonoff)
Soviet conscript furniture
Soviet conscripts lived a rugged, spartan life in East Germany.  A chair made from an ammo crate.  (USMLM collection)
Soviet allied mission reporting card
Soviet guide card issued to Soviet
units for purposes of identifying
and reporting Allied Mission vehicles
(courtesy Mark Handy)
Soviet soldier asleep
Ivan Sleeps
A solitary Soviet Traffic Regulator (TR)
resting at his post.
(courtesy T. Spencer)
Soviet T-44 medium tank
Soviet T-44 Medium Tank (WW-II vintage) at a training range vicinity of Bautzen, DDR
(courtesy T. Spencer)
Soviet military hair cut chart
Get your haircut!  Soviet military haircut chart.
(Courtesy Chief Fisher)

Soviet dogtag, known internally as "smertnik."   GSFG officers were issued one of them (not two, as in the West); troops - none! (Courtesy LG Kelley)

Soviet Sniper Pilot Wings
Soviet Sniper Navigator Wings

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