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1973 - USMLM Stock Car - The Big Z 14
In early spring 1973, SP5 Dickinson hit on the idea of building a stock car to represent USMLM at the Berlin American Automobile Association stock car races at the Friendship Raceway in Berlin.

Mr. Krueger, SSG Zamora, SP4 Rogers, SSG Norton and SP4 Schneider volunteered to help Specialist Dickinson build the car.  Many other USMLM members joined in with contributions.  SSG Zamora made the biggest contributions, thus the vehicle was named after him.  The team grew immensely to comprise, in addition to the original team, Mrs. Norton, MSgt Ratz, SGT Weat, SGT Behny and MSgt Spitzenberger.

The racing season started in May, and by July Big Z 14 proceeded to take third place in the fourth of July races.  Among its distinctive trophies were "First to Flip" and Mrs. Norton's "Powder Puff First Place".  Within three weeks, Big Z 14 added three First Places and two Second Places to its laurels.

Unfortunately Big Z 14 suffered a nervous collapse (with guys like Mel Ratz at the wheel -- what else?) before the end of the season.  Big Z 14 was subsequently retired.

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